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Time Freight. Core Services

We offer an express freight collection and delivery service structured throughout South Africa, to deliver your freight on an overnight, 24, 48 and 72 hour basis, determined by location. Your needs are uniquely met with the variety of options for payment of our transport charges.

You may elect to;

  1. “Pre-Pay” in cash or by cheque, or by electronic transfer into our bank account, or
  2. “Charge your Account”, or
  3. “Charge the receivers Account”, or
  4. “Cash to Collect” where you indicate that the receiver pays the transport costs in either cash or by cheque or by electronic transfer into our bank account.
Time Freight. Customised Collection & Delivery Options

We offer the following options for your convenience when you want to send your freight using our service.

  • T/T - terminal to terminal service. You may elect to drop your parcel at our depot (terminal) and request that the receiver collect from our depot at the destination.
  • D/T - door to terminal service. We collect your parcel from your door and you request that the receiver collect from our depot at the destination.
  • T/D - terminal to door service. With this type service you would deliver your parcel at our depot and you request that we deliver to the receiver’s door at the destination.
  • D/D - door to door service. We would collect your parcel from your door and we would deliver to the receiver’s door at the destination.

Freight transport costs are reflected on our Rate Sheet. Printed Rate Sheets are available at any depot on request.
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Time Freight. COD Service
With this service we offer to collect payment for the value of your goods on your behalf from your client, (this must not be confused with our transport charges). Your client’s payment to you can be in the form of ‘Cash’ or ‘Cheque’, subject to certain conditions. The cost of this service to you is R 6.00/R100.00 subject to a maximum of R36.00.
Time Freight. Online Services
  • Collection/Delivery Requests. Booking a collection or delivery has never been easier. Convenient features include summary of previous transactions, database per client, label per parcel and batch processing. Also enquire about our in-house labelling system, which has many benefits for you as our client.
  • Quotations. Convenience - process a request 24/7.
  • Customer POD's. Secure password protected login to access all your current and past POD documents.
  • Monthly Statements. Easy and convenient. Login and view your current and archived statements, 24/7.
  • Parcel Tracking. Track your parcel or shipment with our easy to use tracking system, using either a collection reference number, collection note number or a waybill number.
  • Branch Locator. Find it fast. Contact details and address for our depots and agents, nationwide.
Time Freight. Liability of the Carrier
Our liability to you as the carrier of your goods, in respect of theft, damage or loss of your goods whilst in our custody, is governed by the following; all goods are accepted and transported in terms of our Standard Trading Conditions and Terms of Carriage.
Time Freight. Essential Documents Required to be Completed
The Collection Note.
All freight collections which originate from a collection at your door, or the door of the supplier sending to you, must be accompanied by a fully completed Collection Note. This document is supplied by us, but must be completed by you and serves to indicate the service required by you. Other essential information and instructions are provided for, including receiver's address and contact details, description of the goods you are sending, etc,. and how you intend paying for the service required. The document is completed in triplicate and a copy is left with you as proof that we have collected the freight from you. The collection note is not an invoice but it is essential for the generation of a waybill. Any freight you drop off at our depot becomes a terminal parcel and does not require the completion of a collection note. Your instructions are recorded directly onto a Waybill, of which the sender receives a copy
The Waybill.
A Waybill is our tax invoice for non-account holders wherein all your service instructions are recorded and charged for. Account holders will receive a consolidated tax invoice at month end which also serves as a statement, listing all waybills for the month. Waybills are computer generated and printed in quadruplicate by the sending depot. The first copy is utilised for our administration and accounts’ records purposes, the second copy serves as a proof of delivery, the third copy is the receiver’s tax invoice (for non-account holders) and the fourth copy serves as the sender’s proof of the transaction,
Time Freight. Freight Charges (Transport Charges)

We offer our customers an express freight service where we, have no fixed restrictions on the freight size or shape. All our vehicles have the load carrying space enclosed, customised in the form of either built trailers or canopies. Whilst we have a varied capacity to carry a wide range of goods, we reserve the right to decline, without prejudice or obligation any freight that does not meet our minimum standards in respect of the quality of your packaging and acceptability of the freight. This convenience is unique and our charges to transport your freight are contained in our service rate sheet.

Transport costs are determined in two ways. :

  1. The first is based on the actual weight of the consignment on the vehicle’s load body where it is accepted that, other items can be packed on top - Weight.
  2. The second is based on the space the consignment will occupy in the vehicle’s load body - Volumetric Weight.

The need for this differential is, for example you may send 20 foam mattresses which weigh 100kg in total. They occupy 50% of load body space in a vehicle which has a load carrying capacity of 4000 kg.


When the total consignment, weighed on our scale, weighs 20kg or less, then the transport costs are determined by the actual weight, in kilogram’s, of the total consignment. Costs are determined according to a range eg, 0 -5kg, 6 -10kg, etc.

Volumetric Weight

When the total consignment, weighed on our scale, weighs more than 20kg, then the volume of space the consignment will occupy in our vehicle is measured by the product of the calculation (height x width x breadth) in cm divided by 5000. This formula converts volume mass into weight and the costs are determined according to the weight ranges on our rate sheet.

Click here to use our online Volumetric Calculator

Read our Standard Trading Conditions & Terms of Carriage | Read our Website Terms & Conditions

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